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Our pumps provide high precision, high pressure, the lowest pulsation and shear stress, and a wide viscosity range. We provide full-feed modules for high-demand processes.


Continuous Reactors


Corning innovation is now bringing significant performance benefits and higher levels of process intensification to industrial chemical processing in the form of Corning® Advanced-Flow™ reactors.

Vapourtec Ltd is a technology, with many years of experience producing world-leading laboratory equipment, serving the pharmaceutical drug discovery industry. Vapourtec develops and manufactures the revolutionary R-Series flow chemistry system

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High-Pressure Reactors

We can provide Ex and non-Ex customize systems from less than 1 milliliter per minute to 100 liter per minute and more. Our systems include control loop and interlocking per process requirements.

Asynt pressure reactors in both single and parallel formats are available in convenient standard configurations or fully customized to meet your specific requirements.


fReactor Flow Chemistry Platform

feactor® offers an affordable entry point into the world of flow chemistry. fReactor provides an expanding platform of intuitive and flexible flow reactors for the development of materials and synthesis routes.

Represented Companies

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