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Continuous Reactors
By Corning


The best in the world in terms of flow rate deviation

Corning provides a variety of innovative continuous flow reactor products that are designed and optimized to quickly and seamlessly scale-up from academia & lab feasibility to process development till  multi-ton industrial production of chemicals.


Corning® Advanced-Flow™ Reactors (AFR) are a safer technology for the production of chemicals in the pharmaceutical, specialty and fine chemical industries. They are specially designed to enable the conversion from traditional batch to continuous flow chemical processing for lab to industrial-scale production.

The core of Corning® Advanced-Flow™ Reactors technology is Corning’s integrated fluidic module with its patented HEART design, which is meticulously engineered out of glass or silicon carbide materials to allow for rapid and seamless scale-up, as well as improved heat transfer and mass transfer (mixing).

Corning® Advanced-Flow™ Reactors products - a variety of advantages:

  • Corning® Advanced-Flow™ Reactors fluidic modules feature small internal channels to reduce reaction volume, which is a key factor in limiting potential risks in chemical processing.

  • Corning reactors are more durable in corrosive conditions.

  • A wide range of applications to enable increased efficiency, scalability, yields, and higher quality chemical processing compared to traditional batch reactors.

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From a variety of Corning


G1 Photo Reactor

•    Integration of a G1 glass reactor with a multiple wavelength LED lighting module
•    Outstanding mixing and heat exchange: patented HEART design 

•    Small internal volume
•    High residence time
•    Highly flexible and multipurpose
•    High chemical durability

Process development and small production Photo Reactor


Production reactor 

•    Outstanding mixing and heat exchange: patented HEART design
•    Large internal volume
•    High residence time
•    Highly flexible
•    Seamless scale-up with other Advanced-Flow™ Reactors products
•    High chemical durability (suitable for high pH compounds and hydrofluoric acid)

Process development and small production Photo Reactor

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