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FLEXI-FLOW™ Compact Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for Gases


The new standard in measurement & control of mass flow and pressure

The new FLEXI-FLOW™ series combines fast and stable chip sensors with reliable and accurate bypass technology. The compact, innovative instruments are a quantum leap forward in mass flow measurement and control: Mass Flow Control 

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Mass Flow Control 

  • Multi-parameter measurement: flow, temperature, and pressure in one instrument

  • Simple and secure connection through Bluetooth and comprehensive App

  • Superior accuracy through onboard gas database and real time conversion

  • NAMUR status indication keeps you informed about your process

  • Adaptable to many applications through wide dynamic range of measurement and control


The FLEXI-FLOW™ Compact series comprises 3 variants:

  • 'Preconfigured Advanced (PA)', MFCs in 4 ranges (FS): 0,5/2/5/20 ln/min (based on N2), turndown 1:500, flow + temperature + pressure

  • 'Preconfigured Standard (PS)', MFCs in 4 ranges (FS): 0,5/2/5/20 ln/min (based on N2), turndown 1:50, flow +temperature 

  • 'Built-to-Order (BtO)', MFCs and MFMs, free selection of ranges between 0,5 and 20 ln/min (FS, based on N2), turndown 1:1000; including multi-channel versions up to 8

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