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Filters for machinery and industry
by Headline Filters company



RTA Engineering Ltd represents the British company Headline Filters, which is the largest Europeancompany producing a wide variety of filters for industry and machinery for over 30 years.

Headline Filters manufactures products ranging from disposable filter houses to filters that withstand extreme conditions of up to 700 atmospheres. The filters are made of a variety of structural materials according to the chemical needs. Among the options: various metals such as stainless steel, PTFE (Teflon) and more.

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Advantages & Benefits

  • Filters suitable for a variety of gas and liquid applications.​

  • A wide variety of sizes for many industries and uses.

  •  Suitable for pressures of up to 700 bar.​

  • Filter housings for different membranes to prevent liquid leakage in the filtering process. ​

  • Full compatibility with filters from other manufacturers.​​

  • Economical reusable and disposable filters (easy to replace)

  • A variety of products for adsorption for the purpose of purification andprotection (disposable andreusable for refilling)

From a variety of Headline Filters products

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) & Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Filtration
Instrumentation Filters
Compressed Air Filters (H2)
Filter Elements (H2)
Analyser Filters and Sample Systems
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