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Flow Reactors By Vapourtec  


Specializes in Flow reactors for laboratories

Vapourtec supplies a comprehensive range of precision flow reactors, covering a broad range of flow chemistry applications.

The flow reactors are flexible and easy to use and can be used on both the R-Series and E-Series flow chemistry systems.

From a variety of Vapourtec





The R-Series is undoubtedly the most versatile, modular flow chemistry system available today.

The E-Series is a robust and affordable, entry level flow chemistry system designed for reliability and ease of use.

  • Best in class performance

  • Easy to use yet highly versatile

  • Cited in over 1,000 peer reviewed publications

  • A proven design with over 400 installations worldwide

  • Versatile and robust pumps

  • Easy to set up and use

  • Wide range of reaction conditions possible

  • High quality yet affordable

R-Series pumping and  V-3 pump 

Vapourtec offers a range of pumping modules, depending on the features required. 

Stainless Steel Pump, Acid resistant pump, Stainless high pressure pump, Slurry and suspension pump, High flow rate pump, Pumping multiple reagents, Pump performance monitoring

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