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RTA Engineering Ltd represents
Gas flow and composition measurement for hot and dust laden gases by PROMECON company
A leading manufacturer for gas analyzers


PROMECON specializes in the design and manufacture of high technology measurement systems for monitoring and optimization of thermal processes for various industries - the power generation industry, the cement industry, the metal smelter industry as well as the waste incineration industry. PROMECON is headquartered in Barleben near Magdeburg (Germany) and has a subsidiary in the USA.

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  • State of the art technology and tools to resolve combustion issues.​​

  • Digital technologies for measuring flow and composition of gases combined with solids in high temperature conditions.

  • Gas flow measurement in conditions of air pollution and waste burning.

  • Optimization for thermal processes.

  • Optimizing waste conversion and mass balance for energy-intensive processes.

  • Low maintenance (Calibration free, IR sensors are non-intrusive and have no wear, long operation intervals without cleaning).

Advantages & Benefits


Steel & Smelters

High temperatures are a huge obstacle in the Steel & Smelters Industry

Primary and secondary dedusting, BOF converters, EAF off-gas, PROMECON measure all flows, no matter how contaminated, from ambient temperatures up to 2000°C (4000°F)!

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Waste to Energy 

Use of PROMECON's innovative measurement technology McON Air in the air volume control in a waste incineration plant

PROMECON's digital McON Air flow meter enables enhanced control of the under grate primary air. Lower NOx, better control of combustion, lower grate wear. Also, the flue gas flow can be monitored drift free at any point in the process!

Cement making is a power consuming business. Pyro string and downcomer are perfect spots to lower emissions and save energy with PROMECON’s flow meters. Even efficient vertical roller mills (VRM) offer an optimization potential by better and more reliable raw gas flow measurement. Hot and most dusty gases from rotary kiln, pre-heater tower and clinker cooler can be measured faster, accurately and without any maintenance which opens a huge potential for combustion optimization like the kiln ID fan control.

The big challenge in the Cement Industry




Our clients around the world share something with you! They all have similar tasks and challenges to master their combustion to the desired targets of emissions, efficiency (heat rate) and availability. Find out how PROMECON have jointly achieved higher targets in mastering combustion.

The Power Industry is PROMECON’s longest field of activity

Leading Products


Reliable flow and composition measurement for hot and dust laden gases - single channel solution.

  • Enables mass and energy balance to optimize energy intensive processes.​

  • Direct gas-flow-measurement at the process outlet of EAFs and BOFs

  • Measurement of chemical composition CO2, CO, CH4, H2O.

  • Reliable control and optimization of dedusting sites results in direct savings of fan power.

  • Unique measurement system for high temperature applications

  • Air velocity direct measurement (calibration free).​

  • IR sensors are non-intrusive and have no wear, long operation intervals without cleaning.

Advantages & Benefits


McON Air

Reliable flow measurement for hot and dust laden gases - single channel solution Advantages & Benefits

  • Turn down ratio up to 25

  •  No K-Factors - direct time of flight measurement

  • Hot tapping solution for full plant availability

  • SIL 2 version available

  • Reliable measurement of dust laden gases

  • Temperature range up to 1000 °C/1800 °F

  • Drift free - no calibration, no purging

  • Virtually no maintenance

Advantages & Benefits

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Online measurement system for measuring fuel mass flow

  • Balance fuel flow to the burners

  • Reduce fuel pulsations

  • Manage mill heat balance and mill dynamics

  • Reduce boiler load swings

  • Reliable mass-flow measurement of pulverised coal and biomass

  •  Virtually no maintenance

  • No K-Factors - direct time of flight measurement

  • Independent measurement of velocity and density

  • Drift free - no calibration

  • No maintenance - no purging

Advantages & Benefits

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