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Super Metering Pump 
By Fuji Techno

Fuji Super Metering pumps
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The best in the world in terms of flow rate deviation

If feeding of a constant volume is needed for a production process, in which accuracy is essential,

Fuji Techno Super Metering pumps are the best choice.

  • Pulse-Free

  • High Accuracy & High Stability (±0.1 %)

  • High stability of flow volume even in suction and/or discharge pressure variation

  • High stability of flow volume even in viscosity variation

  • Perfect proportional flow volume to revolution

  • Cam Drive

  • Maintenance-Free

Advantages & Benefits

Fuji Techno Industries Corporation produces a special designed pump that makes the total amount of liquid discharged from three cylinders always constant. Plungers are designed to make different motions in six stages within one revolution of the cam. The Super Metering Pump was so designed that the total amount of discharged liquid is constantly equal. Furthermore, the instantaneous flow velocity of discharge is the same as that of suction, therefore the occurrence of cavitation is suppressed. Even at the time of switching between suction and discharge, movement of the valve ball is so smooth that pulsation and leakage do not occur. As there is little abrasion of the valve ball and valve seats, high precision can be maintained for a long period.

From the variety of Fuji Techno

Stainless-steel 316(SUS316)

Stainless-steel 316 (SUS316)

Jacket to control liquid temperature. Liquid purge to wash out liquid between seals. Gas purge to handle anaerobic liquid. Dual pump head to double flow rate.

  • In case of double head type pump, the discharge
    quantity is doubled compared with the standard pump.

  • Max. Flow Rate and Speed Range are subject to change
    according to liquid viscosity.

  • In addition to the aforementioned standard specifications, we also manufacture pumps with different capacities, discharge pressure and temperature range

Portable specification

Portable specification

HYM portable unit consists of Super Metering Pump HYM, Motor, Speed-Controller, Revolution -Indicator and Touch-Screen.
Immediately after turning on the power, this product is ready to use.

  • Excellent accuracy and reproducibility (+ 0.1% or less)

  • Perfect proportional 

  • Low with the variation in r.p.m

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