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EX-Flow Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

The Mass Flow Meters of the Bronkhorst EX-FLOW series are of rugged design for gas flow applications in hazardous environments.

The intrinsically safe measuring head is tested according to ATEX95 Directive 94/9/EC and approved under EC-Type Examination

Number: KEMA 01ATEX1172, protection II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb.

This stands for:

  • II 2 G = ATEX group and category

  • Ex ib IIC T4 = CENELEC marking

  • ib= intrinsically safe Zone 1

  • IIC=highest gas group with a minimum ignition energyof 20 μJ, with gases such as acetylene or hydrogen

  • T4= max. surface temperature of 135C

  • Gb= IEC equipment protection level

  • The housing of the electronics compartment is rated to IP65.Mass Flow Meters can be supplied in ranges starting from

    0,16…8 mln/min up to 11000 m3n/h air-equivalent, with pressure rating between vacuum and 700 bar. In combination with control

    valves, either integrated or separate, Mass Flow Controllers can be offered up to 10…500 m3n/h air-equivalent.

    Analog output

    Accuracy +/- 1% FS

    Flow Range 0.16….7.5mln/min up to 222……11,000 M3 n/hr

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