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Monitoring System ​


Long-Term Noise Monitoring System .Permanent, Unattended Noise Monitoring | Model NMS045

Advantages & Benefits

  • Rugged Reliability

  • Installation Simplicity

  • Flexible Placement

  • Permanent Airport Noise Monitoring

  • Long-Term Construction Noise Monitoring

  • Permanent City Noise Monitoring

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Portable Noise Monitoring System. Rugged Outdoor Noise Monitoring | Model NMS044

Advantages & Benefits

  • Continuous and event sound recordings

  • Networked noise level display

  • Short-Term Airport Noise Monitoring

  • Short-Term Construction Noise Monitoring –

  • Remote noise monitoring

  • Environmental noise compliance

  • Airport noise management

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Web-based vibration monitoring and diagnosis

Advantages & Benefits

  • Monitoring noise and vibrations

  • Condition monitoring on machines

  • Acoustic camera

  • Measure data acquisition and analysis 

  • Customized measuring equipment 

  • Test facilities for end-of-line testing

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PTB approved, long-term noise and vibration monitoring system

Advantages & Benefits

  • Building acoustics

  • Machine vibration measurement

  • Modal analysis

  • Order tracking analysis

  • Sound level measurement

  • Frequency analysis

  • Signal recording Human vibration measurement

  • Pass-by noise measurement

  • Operational vibration analysis

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Represented Companie

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