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Represents leading companies in the fields of 
Chemistry & Acoustics 

RTA Engineering

RTA Engineering Ltd. provides professional services throughout the entire product's life cycle.

Our team of engineers and experts provides support and consulting, from locating products adapted to the customers unique requirements, through consulting for process planning and optimization until accompanying installation and troubleshooting support.

Personal communication and professionalism are the values that our company advocates.

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Chemistry Field Products & Services

RTA Engineering Ltd. provides products & solutions as well as consulting, planning and support services for a variety of industries and research laboratories in the fields of chemistry.

We specialize in the introduction of new technologies and improvements to existing lines, as well as providing support and responding to challenges in the various processes and according to the customer's requirements.

RTA Engineering Ltd. has extensive experience and proven successes in implementing significant changes and improving efficiency in a large number of companies.

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Acoustics Field products & Services

In the acoustical field, we provide solutions for noise monitoring in a wide range of applications from simple noise measurement to remote multi-channel monitoring. We have solutions to noise problems in server units and rooms.

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