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Liquid Flow Measurement and Control by Bronkhorst company

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A world leader in low flow fluidics handling technology

Bronkhorst specialises in liquid flow measurement and control instruments, including flow meters, flow controllers and dosing solutions.

Benefits of instruments in Bronkhost liquid flow portfolio

  • Engineering of material handling solutions for unique processing system+


  • nvestigation of solutions for transition from batch to continuous processing

  • Economics of increased production capacity with current and future state technologies.

  • process cost models.

From a variety of Bronkhorst

mini CORI-FLOW™ 


mini CORI-FLOW™ 


Liquid Independent Measurement of Low Volume Flow Rates

  • Fluid independent (Volume)

  • Compact & robust

  • Hygienic design

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters & Controllers. Mass Flow Measurement of low flow rates, independent of fluid properties

  • Lowest range 0…5 g/h

  • Highest range 0…300 kg/h

Thermal Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for Liquids. Through-Flow Measurement of Low Liquid Flow Rates


  • Lowest range 0,25 ... 5 g/h

  • Highest range 20 ... 1000 g/h for fluids with thermal properties similar to H2O)

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