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Precise pumps by Flom

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High quality made in Japan

FLOM, as a developer, manufacturer, wide range of pumps, from high performance types with automatic control of flow rates, to simple pumps at an affordable price. FLOM full line of regular products based on long experience in this market.

 Advantage & Benefits

All FLOM products feature high performance, compact and lightweight design, and low cost. They proudly continue the Made-in-Japan business ethic of design originality, high technical expertise, and nimble response to customer needs. Since founding in 1990 Flom have supplied a variety of components to many major analytical device makers. As a result of persistent efforts to supply the very best high precision and compactness, for UHPLC applications, and for small-lot, fast delivery.

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Advantage & Benefits

  • Accurately controlled gas/liquid mixture​

  • Fast response​

  • High reproduceability​

  • Very stable vapour flow​

  • Flexible selection of gas/liquid ratio​

  • Lower working temperature than conventional systems​

  • Optional control by PC/PLC (RS232/fieldbus)

From a variety of Flom

Intelligent Pump UI-22 Series

Combines high precision flow and ease of use

Advantages & Benefits

Intelligent Pump UI-22 Series
  • Space-saving compact design

  • Control with RS232C protocol

  • Choose SUS, PEEK, or PCTFE to fit your solvent

  • Upper and lower pressure limiters

  • low flow rate pumping possiblePulses reduced to absolute minimum making  

  • Bubble problems greatly reduced

  • Long life plunger seal

Intelligent Micro Pump MP-22

Uses FLOM’s unique configuration of switching valves and a linear drive pump

Advantages & Benefits

  • Upper and lower pressure limiters

  • Space-saving compact design

  • Remote control

  • Improved near-zero pulse flow

  • Problems with bubbles greatly reduced

  • Simplified setup

Intelligent Micro Pump MP-22
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