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Dosing Solutions by Bronkhorst

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A world leader in low flow fluidics handling technology. Compact dosing solutions using flow meter-controlled pumps

Bronkhorst offers Compact Dosing Solutions for (very) low liquid flow rates, consisting of a flow sensor of the ES-FLOW™ or (mini) CORI-FLOW™ series with controlling function, a pump, an optional particle filter and interconnecting materials. Bronkhorst will take care of electrical and mechanical connection, testing and optimization including the PID-integrated controller.

The (mini) CORI-FLOW™ or ES-FLOW™ instrument measures the flow rate and the integrated PID-controller drives the pump using its analog actuator output signal. The pump with integrated U/f converter translates the PID-controller output voltages into more or less rpm’s to reach the desired flow rate. This flow rate setpoint can be provided using the flowmeters’ analog input or via digital communication interfaces (RS232 or fieldbus).

Combination of a Coriolis flow meter with dosing pump
Combination of an ultrasonic flow meter with dosing pump

Combination of a Coriolis flow meter with dosing pump

Combination of an ultrasonic flow meter with dosing pump

Liquid flow measurement and control

The desired batch can be programmed into the integrated counter limit value. After each batch, the batch counter can be reset using the button on the instrument or via the digital interface. Each time when the counter limit (batch) has been reached, the instrument will automatically stop the pump until the next reset. These integrated digital features, available in all Bronkhorst digital instruments, enable the user to define a highly accurate, fast, repeatable and compact dosing system. Using the special ratio control modes, complete master/slave systems with other flow instruments can easily be supplied.

In addition to a series of standard, low-flow pumps, a variety of pumps can be offered for applications which require higher flow rates, higher pressures, large turndown ratios or aggressive fluids. Further to operation in analog mode, the dosing solutions can also be used digitally via RS232 or using an on-board interface to PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet™, Modbus-RTU or FLOW-BUS. For the lowest flow ranges (up to 200 g/h) also PROFINET or EtherCAT® fieldbus options are available.



Technical specifications:

Bronkhorst Compact Dosing Solutions offer precise, automated flow control of reactants, additives or catalysts in:

  • Analytical laboratories and systems

  • Chemical industry

  • Petrochemical and Offshore industry

  • Food and Pharmaceutical industry

  • Water Treatment

  • Energy (fuel cells)

A standard Compact Dosing Solution consists of:

  • a flow meter: (mini)CORI-FLOW™ or ES-FLOW™ with integrated PID-controller and (batch)counter

  • a liquid gear pump with brushless 24Vdc motor and integrated U/f converter

  • a mass block (4 kg) + large dampeners for (mini) CORI-FLOW™ or mounting plate for ES-FLOW™

  • mechanical connection of flow meter and pump (prepared for optional by-pass)

  • electrical connection of the pump to the flow meter

  • Simple and compact assembly; factory tested and easy to use

  • No need to pressurize liquid source

  • Pump controlled by Bronkhorst® flow meter with adjustable PID-controller via output signal

  • Direct flow measurement/control

  • High accuracy and stability (nearly pulse free)

  • Desired flow to be set via: analog 0…5(10) V / 0(4)...20 mA or digital communication by RS232 or fieldbus

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