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RTA Engineering Ltd Represents

Thermal Processes   

By Harper Company  

a world leader in advanced thermal processing technologies

Harper International is a global leader in complete thermal processing solutions and technical services essential for the production of advanced materials. From concept to commercialization, from research scale to full production line operations, Harper is perpetually on the cutting edge. Harper International has pioneered some of the world’s most innovative, customized furnace, kiln and oven systems, with a focus on processing materials at high temperatures and in non-ambient atmospheres.Harper International is based in the USA.

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Advantages & Benefits

  • Harper enables companies with R&D testing for advanced materials, from the lab to full commercialization, helping make their innovations a reality.

  • Enable identification of opportunities for improved product quality and cost reduction

  • Scale up customers' process operations.

  • Verity of furance technologies

  • Experience in the Carbon Fiber market.

  • Engineering of material handling solutions for unique processing system+


  • nvestigation of solutions for transition from batch to continuous processing

  • Economics of increased production capacity with current and future state technologies.

  • process cost models.

Harper offers continuous high temperature thermal process systems for companies in advanced materials markets, with installations from lab scale to complete production lines. Harper's range of experience across different techniques, process methodologies, and applications allows the company to deliver unique solutions for every project. As an end-to-end partner, Harper designs, manufactures, installs, and service the equipment to fully support all the customer’s needs.

Carbon Fiber Solutions

Harper is the most trusted partner in thermal processing technologies for the Carbon Fiber industry from small scientific research lines to full scale Carbon Fiber systems. Harper’s unique expertise is in linking the process steps offering a seamless and fluid production line with maximum efficiency, process effectiveness, product quality, and operational optimization.




Rotary Tube Furnaces

Every Harper rotary tube furnace is designed for the customer’s unique specifications. We bring innovative solutions to designs for continuous processing of advanced materials such as granular, powder, or particulate aggregates in high purity and specialty atmosphere environments at temperatures up to 3000°C, including gas, electric and microwave heated systems.

Pusher Tunnel Furnaces

Harper’s pusher furnaces and tunnel kilns are ideal for processes requiring precise control of temperature and atmosphere, for those with longer residence times that require exact control of the heat up rate of the product (temperature profile), and those with a lower gas/solid reaction. Our focus is on systems that offer the greatest operating life, lowest operating cost, and highest efficiency for the manufacturing of advanced materials.

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Microwave Heated Systems

Microwave furnace technology can now be beneficially utilized for advanced material processing on a commercial scale. Trust Harper’s years of industry leadership for the careful design of microwave equipment based on your material’s unique properties to yield a superior product.

Belt Conveyor Furnaces

Harper’s mesh belt conveyor furnaces and kilns are designed for the continuous processing of parts as well as advanced materials such as granular, powder, or particulate aggregates in high purity and specialty atmosphere environments at temperatures up to 2000°C. Our experience with a variety of belt materials, including mesh, strip, and chain, allows us to specify the exact design for your needs for an ideal thermal process solution, including gas, electric and microwave heated systems.

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Vertical Conveyor Furnaces

Harper’s patented vertical furnaces are our latest thermal processing innovation for a wide range of product feedstocks, particularly for materials requiring high temperature solid-solid and solid-gas reactions, such as carbides, nitrides, borides and refractory metal powders. This new system is a design alternative to other traditional furnace types, available in gas, electric and microwave heating, with the following advancements:

Slot Furnaces

Harper is the industry standard choice in continuous slot furnace technologies for the Carbon Fiber industry. Our involvement in Carbon Fiber began at the market’s inception in the 1970s, and since then we have been helping fiber manufacturers achieve new and ever greater heights with our continual evolution of design innovations. We have designed solutions throughout all line sizes, helping customers scale up from research to large capacity, from research lines to full production scale lines. Additionally, Harper is one of few in the market who push the boundaries of technology in offering Ultra High Temperature furnaces rated to 3000°C.

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