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Precise pumps smart solutions

By Vapourtec  


The world’s leading manufacturer of flow chemistryequipment.

Vapourtec designs and manufactures the R-Series and E-Series flow chemistry systems that have empowered chemists throughout the world to further scientific discovery.

From a variety of Vapourtec products

High performance pump series

suited for challenging dosing tasks requiring high precision, a middle pressure range,

Advantages & Benefits

צילום מסך 2023-04-12 152600.jpg
  • high temperatures and viscosities ranging from 0.3 to 1,000,000 mPas

  • The pump has a double-sided bearing system and is driven by a powerful DC-servo motor with integrated control

  • large choice of additional module such as the fluidic seal module, heating module, heat insulation module 

  • Depending on the pump size, standardized connectors 1/4“28 UNF, 1/8“ NPT or 3/8“ NPT are offered.

Dosing systems for liquids

designed compact dosing systems for a variety of applications. All systems are delivered ready-to-use and are configured according to customer specifications

Advantages & Benefits

  •  individual, automated dosing system for liquids with an integrated micro pump.

  • With the appropriate settings, it is a filling system for pharma ingredients, vaccines, APIs, cosmetics, oils, grease and much more.

  • Other optional components include flow meters and flow controllers, pressure sensors, controls, filters, dosing valves, shut-off elements, screw-in fittings, adapters, hoses, pipes, dosing needles, cabinets, reservoirs and more.

צילום מסך 2023-04-13 093611.jpg


HNP Mikrosysteme always recommends the use of a filter with a pore size or mesh width of 10 µm to protect the micro annular gear pump

Advantages & Benefits

צילום מסך 2023-04-13 094409.jpg
  • Straight inline filters and inline T-filters as well as inlet filters made of various materials with different filter surfaces are offered.

  • can be ordered separately as single product.

  • it is possible to implement a sensor for filter monitoring

  • In the »T-version« the sensor is directly adaptable, for straight filters it can be integrated by adding a separate mounting block.

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