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Engineering and Development Products


When it comes to tailor made solutions and implementing in the area of dosing technology RTA Engineering is your partner.  אפשר להרחיב

UV System

We have developed a UV System for corrosive solutions based on high power LEDs. This high power and very effective system enables reducing the size of the reactor and easily scale up

uv system.JPG

Mini Reactor

Multi purpose, enables the execution of lab reactions in closest condition to scale up. This 15-250 ml can perform phase separation, catalyst cycling, double wall heating cooling capability, mixing, especially suited for handing highly aggressive materials.

The mini reactor offers a unique solution in a large variety of industries: Bio- chemistry, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Organic chemistry.

Mini reactor.JPG


Metal free lined reactor with innovation solution for stirring

Pressure range:

-1 to 40 bar (568 PSI)

PH: 0-14 

Temp: -40 - 180c

Volume: 0.5 - 100 liter

Fully monitored

Dosing Solution

We can provide Ex and non-Ex customize systems from less than 1 milliliter per minute to 100 liter per minute and more.​

Available standard materials 

  • Stainless steel

  • Hastelloy

  • Titanium​​

Our systems include control loop and interlocking per process requirements.

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